Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My blogs are moving

Pictured is one my hens who setting on ten eggs. I spied two eggs in the process of hatching. One of them somehow ended up out in the open feeding area but was vainly trying to hatch out as our resident rooster was trying to kill the alien! And he may have succeeded. I rescued the partially hatched chick still in the egg and carefully placed back under the hen . Tomorrow will tell if either or both of the hatching chicks make it.

I am pleased to announce that my blogs now have a new home and I hope you stop by as this is my last post on Blogger. Course I only have two followers but that's OK. Maybe more folks will find my blogs, enjoy them and maybe leave me some feedback!

The new home is and I really like the new look too! My page is now hosted on and I've spent the last couple of days moving in.

March is coming in like a lion all right! Last night we had very high winds, more so than usual. My corgi hates all the noise so he hides under the headboard of our bed. Typically March does not go out like a lamb either here in PNW. We can expect more storms to barrel through clear into late May. I can't wait for summer!

Joyce Moore
signing off.......  :-)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

January is pruning month

We've been blessed or possible cursed with a few days of warm springlike weather. So today we got out into the orchard to get some vines and fruit trees pruned. I finally got the eating grapevines sheared back to a semblance of control. Lots of excess watersprouts and vines trimmed out. The plants will bounce back once they start growing this spring and should see great growth this year. These are young plants so just starting fruit production on a few of them. I imagine it will take a couple more years before I start seeing good production.
Matt worked on the fruit trees. Our early blooming plum tree is already starting to show growth. I fear we may have little to no fruit this year as we may loose buds due to expected frosty weather in the next couple of months. So will just have to see what Mother Nature has in store for us.

Location:Moore's Acre

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy new year!

Another year is here and yesterday I watched the annual Rose Parade. As usual, many gorgeous floats covered with zillions of common and exotic flowers and plant materials.
I spotted this photo on the LATimes web site and just had to share it with my fellow gardener friends. This roses adorned carriage was the first place winner of the Rose Parade in 1895.

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Location:Moore's acre

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The holidays are Upon Us!


Well, here we are, another year just about done! It's been a windy and rainy December but we managed to make a couple of trips to see the grandkids and families. Next week we conclude our marathon travels by heading south to visit Matt's parents on Christmas Day. I imagine we will take the new pickup truck with the studded tires as we may encounter some snow going over the passes.
So, to conclude my blog for the year, I thought I would share this little film of clips taken from Portland, Or to Seattle, Wa. This film was created using iMovie 11 in the new trailer format. Very fun! The film should be up for viewing later on today in about an hour (noon).
See ya next year!
Joyce Moore

Sunday, October 3, 2010

A Golden Harvest

A rainy day outside so a great opportunity to spin out some honey frames. Our honeybees have been working overtime gathering nectar and making us some of the best tasting honey! We love to give jars of this golden goodness to friends and family at Christmas time. A most welcomed gift that is appreciated by all.

Location:Moore's Acre

Monday, September 13, 2010

End of summer

It's finally here, those last few days of warm sunshine that beckons one to sit on the porch with the sun on your back and be lazy. Not that I need an excuse! But, with our rainy season just around the corner, I am totally enjoying the weather.
We've been out collecting hazel nuts like crazy and I anxiously check my grape plants for size and any change of color. Alas, they look to be way behind where they ought to be for this time of year. I think it was just too cool and wet for them this summer. But the plants have put on a lot of vigorous growth so will be in great shape for next year!
Have one box of honey to spin out and I think we can do now that the robber bees have moved on. Hopefully they didn't steal all the honey. Will have Matt check the box this coming weekend.

Location:Knappa Acre

Monday, September 6, 2010

A Cup of Tea for Me, Please

We had a beautiful Labor Day weekend and got lots done down here on the acre! Busy harvesting hazelnuts, munching on juicy ripe blackberries, and even a few ripe cherry tomatoes from our container pots on the front porch. Unfortunately, Matt had to spend most of his "spare" time wrestling with the power steering pump in his truck, but eventually he won!
Then we had a swarm of feral honeybees show up and were scouting out the box of honey that Matt had just brought home from our bees! Egads! What a mess.
We had a threat of rain all weekend but it held off until this evening. So now I am kicking back with a nice cup of Vanilla Chai tea (thanks for leaving it behind, Christy) and relaxing. Glad I got the whole yard mowed already as this weather pattern may be a sign of what's ahead.